Digital Development

the World Bank has analyzed El Salvador’s telecommunication network to understand to what extent the national health care system could leverage the existing digital infrastructure and develop e-…

Niccolò Comini, Mykhailo Koltsov|

In September 2018, Egypt embarked on a major education reform, with the aim to “bring learning back to the classroom” and equip students with higher order thinking skills. During the school visits…

Amira Kazem|

Using the latest machine learning technology, Tanzania’s Resilience Academy participants helped build a comprehensive map of the city’s trees.

Nick Jones, Vivien Deparday, Nuala Margaret Cowan|

The World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) Initiative, a program that helps countries realize the transformational potential of digital identification, launched the Mission…

Seth Ayers, Faher Elfayez|
Digital Development