Nationally representative longitudinal surveys – if done well – can positively impact development policies.

Akuffo Amankwah, Darcey Johnson, Josephine Ofori Adofo, Maryam Gul, Rob Swinkels, Amparo Palacios-Lopez|

Basic learning in Latin America and the Caribbean is facing its biggest crisis in a century. Around four out of every five primary school students may now fail to reach minimum knowledge levels,…

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo|

Adaptive technology is a powerful weapon in education systems' fight against educational poverty. Teachers and students from the Dominican Republic share their experiences of implementing a…

Sophia D' Angelo, Juan Baron, Paola Patricia Polanco Santos|

Girls are getting educated at higher levels today than ever before. The primary school completion rate has reached 90% for girls, with gender parity achieved in most countries.

Raja Bentaouet Kattan, Myra Murad Khan|

Over the past few decades, there has been steady progress in closing gender gaps in human endowments, opportunities, and voice and agency. However, overall progress has been hindered by the…

Jaime Saavedra, Hana Brixi|