The Honduras Climate and Development Report outlines opportunities for improvement in areas such as natural resource management, implementation of agricultural practices to reduce deforestation,…

Katharina Siegmann, Elena Bondarenko, Kinnon Scott|

CIWA is exploring ways to better align its transboundary water cooperation efforts with biodiversity conservation goals, including identifying opportunities at the intersection of transboundary…

Piet Theron|

While the pandemic has caused widespread disruptions in people’s lives across the board, it appears to have had a disproportionate impact on the economic and mental well-being of sexual and gender…

Clifton Cortez, Tanima Ahmed, Toni Joe Lebbos|

Brazil is fortunate. Few countries today can both give their people a better life and manage the impacts of climate change.

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, Johannes Zutt|

Getting the balance right at the water-energy nexus is already a challenge, and the climate crisis is only expected to exacerbate this, especially in Central Asia.

Tatiana Proskuryakova, Winston Yu|