A World Bank study of 1,900 Lao citizens found 1/3 burn waste at home, while 2/3 use waste-collection, recycle or reuse. A 3rd have no access to waste-collection services. Improved access to waste…

Ailin Tomio, Maurice Andres Rawlins, Kaysone Vongthavilay, Daniel Alejandro Pinzón Hernández , Renos Vakis|

Are you paying taxes on sugary drinks? Half of the world's population does and here is why it makes sense

Kate Mandeville, Libby Hattersley, Meera Shekar|

Policies that can keep individuals employed for a longer time are especially important as societies age and governments would like to encourage older workers and workers in less good health to…

Judit Krekó, Daniel Prinz, Andrea Weber|

To capture the immediate and ongoing effects of the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai submarine volcano, the World Bank carried out phone surveys in partnership with the Governments of…

Shohei Nakamura, Utz Pape|

Nationally representative longitudinal surveys – if done well – can positively impact development policies.

Akuffo Amankwah, Darcey Johnson, Josephine Ofori Adofo, Maryam Gul, Rob Swinkels, Amparo Palacios-Lopez|