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Subsidy programs far surpass tariffs and nontariff measures as the most frequent form of policy intervention.

Jose Signoret|

Guatemala has enormous potential to generate growth and prosperity for its entire population. Treading this path towards a promising future will require a clear strategy, collective commitment and…

Marco Scuriatti|

Services employ more workers and generate more jobs than any other sector – providing millions with the human dignity that comes with being productively employed.

Pierre Sauvé|

The global Jobs Indicators database (JOIN) database was launched in 2019 to provide easily accessible and standardized indicators for labor market analysis with the goal of providing more reliable…

Maddalena Honorati, Mario Gronert, Hiroko Maeda, Sinae Lee|

As countries respond to the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, the re-use, re-manufacturing, and recycling of products in a circular economy offers a promising…

Namita Datta, Casper N Edmonds, Monica Melchor|
Jobs & Development