Agriculture and Food

The World Bank’s Agriculture Raw Material Price Index increased marginally in January 2024 (m/m), after sliding 1 percent in 2023Q4, in response to small gains in cotton and natural rubber prices…

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Despite a steady increase in Albania's agricultural output over the past several decades, the country continues to trail behind its neighbors. The seemingly obvious obstacles preventing…

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The invasion—coming at a time of accelerating global inflation and elevated debt—was a tragedy for Ukraine and caused widespread misery elsewhere , especially in developing countries.

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The case for agrifood system transformation is clear. The blog discusses seven relevant financing sources that could be tapped into to move to a global agrifood system that, besides being…

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Energy prices increased 1.6% in January, led by natural gas U.S. (+25.9%) and oil (+2.6%), the World Bank's Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy prices eased by 0.7%.

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Agriculture and Food