The scale of the climate challenge facing South Asia is immense. Average temperatures have risen by 1 °C since pre-industrial times, leading to more scorching heatwaves across India and Pakistan.…

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In Bangladesh, the Health and Gender Support Project for Cox’s Bazar district (HGSP) has had an immense impact on islands such as Kutubdia, by removing barriers to high-quality and cost-effective…

Md Rafi Hossain, Bushra Binte Alam |

Improved agriculture services and irrigation boost rural livelihoods in Nepal
Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project

Rubika Shrestha, Karishma Wasti |

According to WHO, the rate of road traffic fatalities in Bangladesh is 15.3 per 100,000 people. A number that can be significantly reduced through the appropriate use of trauma registries and…

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More than 850 million people in South Asia live in poverty, trying to survive on just $3.65 a day. Many of them are also dealing with the effects of climate change and other shocks.  Recent events…

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The rise in popularity of motorcycles and the growth in mobility has come with a grim consequence in Bangladesh - an increase in fatal motorcycle accidents. So how can it curb deaths and injuries…

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South Asia’s transition away from fossil fuels will have significant labor market impacts, which could leave many workers stranded in lower-wage jobs in declining industries.

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Between 18 to 20 million people join the working-age population in South Asia, every year, but only a third to a half of them will be employed.

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A Year after Pakistan’s Deluge - How community-centric public works are supporting the most vulnerable

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