A Year after Pakistan’s Deluge - How community-centric public works are supporting the most vulnerable

Yoko Okura, Jamal Mustafa Shoro |

South Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. The region can chart a path towards growth that is sustainable by greening its infrastructure, creating jobs, and making its economies and…

Martin Raiser |

As women come up with more and more innovative digital solutions, Bangladesh needs to bridge the digital gender gap that exists. Discover how initiatives like the 'Digital Innovation…

Sabah Moyeen |

COVID-19 has been a global catastrophe killing millions, damaging economies, and impairing human development. Yet, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for much needed health system reform,…

Aparnaa Somanathan, Trina Haque, Feng Zhao |

Investments in the early years have been proven to be among the most cost-effective ways of improving life outcomes and reducing inequality of opportunity. The recently-published Pakistan Human…

Amna Ansari, Amer Hasan |

Pakistan's growing working-age population can become healthier, more educated, more skilled, more productive. A recent study by the World Bank shows that Pakistan’s Human Capital Index (HCI)…

Lire Ersado, Koen Geven, Amer Hasan |

In the summer of 2022, unusually intense monsoon rains – exacerbated by climate change - caused a super flood that submerged one-third of Pakistan, affecting some 33 million people. While all four…

Anne T. Kuriakose, Thomas Kerr |

In Pakistan, a country with one of the largest gender gaps in the world, women are bringing change to the emergency rescue service.

Farah Yamin Khan, Yoko Okura |

A tumultuous year of deep uncertainty brought on by multiple overlapping crises in which South Asia was hit by a series of unprecedented shocks. Here's a look back at 2022 in 10 blogs.

Adnan Siddiqi |

In Bangladesh, expanding the road safety discourse is a necessary imperative for higher economic growth and female labor force participation.

Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman, Erisha Suwal, Wei Yan |