In August 2022, a harmful invasive species, the Giant African Snail, started spreading uncontrollably in India's southern state of Kerala, causing damage to crops and posing a risk to human…

Dr Bhagyasree A R, Dr Ajan Maheswaran Jaya, Deepika Chaudhery |

Digital public infrastructure can enable essential society-wide functions and services such as identification, payments, and data exchange.

Vyjayanti T Desai, Jonathan Marskell, Georgina Marin, Minita Varghese |

In the summer of 2022, unusually intense monsoon rains – exacerbated by climate change - caused a super flood that submerged one-third of Pakistan, affecting some 33 million people. While all four…

Anne T. Kuriakose, Thomas Kerr |

In Pakistan, a country with one of the largest gender gaps in the world, women are bringing change to the emergency rescue service.

Farah Yamin Khan, Yoko Okura |

As the dust settles on the road to the Dawki Integrated Check Post (ICP) in Meghalaya, near the India-Bangladesh border, a winding queue of some 750 trucks can be seen lined up on the side. The…

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Even though migration is critical to South Asia’s recovery and resilience to future shocks, the region faces several barriers in labor mobility, with high costs and frictions in credit and labor…

S. Amer Ahmed, Jean Nahrae Lee, Moritz Meyer |

As Sri Lanka recovers, it is essential not only to help people escape poverty and vulnerability, but also to strengthen their resilience to future shocks in an increasingly volatile world.

Martin Raiser |

The average Pakistani worker produces 40 percent more value added today than 30 years ago. Compare that to the average Vietnamese worker, who is 328 percent more productive today. Put differently…

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A new World Bank study finds that collaboration across borders could slash the cost of tackling air pollution, while delivering better results

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