Проект Всемирного банка «Развитие систем водоснабжения и водоотведения в Республике Беларусь» ставил своей задачей повышение качества, эффективности и надежности услуг водоснабжения и очистки…

Stjepan Gabric, Amelia Midgley, Dzimitry Buronkin, Alex Lazar |

Improving the education outcomes of children left behind should be a priority. Numerous studies confirm that investments in children at an early age help reduce inequality throughout their lives…

Dzimitry Buronkin |

По распространению вируса Беларусь отстает от Соединенного Королевства ровно на 13 дней, а с большинством стран ЕС временной разрыв даже больше.

Alex Kremer |

In epidemiological terms, Belarus is exactly 13 days behind the UK, and even further behind most EU countries, when it comes to the spread of the virus.

Alex Kremer |

With the need to contain the virus, many countries are implementing measures to reduce gatherings of large crowds.

Harry A. Patrinos, Tigran Shmis |

Viachaslau Kananovich is a student from Minsk, Belarus. He is a winner of the essay writing competition held by the World Bank office in Belarus.

Viachaslau Kananovich |

Belarus urgently needs structural economic reforms to avoid economic instability.
Why the urgency, you may ask, especially given that Belarus has made significant strides in reducing poverty…

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