Cancer, one of the leading non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Kenya, can have a crushing impact not just on those who suffer from them but also on the people around them.

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Illicit trade in tobacco products undermines global tobacco prevention and control interventions, particularly with respect to tobacco tax policy. From a public health perspective, illicit trade…

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Under the East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project, diagnostic capacity has been strengthened through the construction of state of the art laboratories. © Miriam Schneidman / World…

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Video still of a mine in southern Africa by Clifford Derrick

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A recent study on patient safety in Kenya revealed that less that 5% of health facilities, both public and private, have attained the minimum international standards of safety. Although such…

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Image by Arne Hoel / World Bank 2015 More than 3, 500 people, including Presidents and Prime Ministers, have gathered in Bali this week for the fourth International Conference on Family Planning…

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Stuffed animals line the window sill, toys crowd the room’s perimeter, children’s crayon drawings depict a loss of childhood.

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photo: Dominic Chavez / World Bank 2015 We trudge past the towering mosque, past where the girls had skipped rope, past a trash heap piled high with cars. We step over a sewage trough, amble down…

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Photo credit: Dominic Chavez/World Bank Exactly one year ago, I received an unexpected call from my manager just as I was finishing a week of paternity leave following the birth of my daughter.   …

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