Meeting today’s needs matters, but we also need to be prepared for future health crises, and this is driving our efforts on the African continent.

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Any weakness in a country's ability to procure, store, deliver or equitably prioritize the vaccines will have a dramatic impact on the success of the COVID-19 vaccines rollout. Mobilizing all…

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While strengthening the public health sector delivery capabilities and domestic resource mobilization remains a priority, private providers also play a key role in serving a sizable proportion of…

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December 12 marks the International Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day. This year’s theme “protect everyone” cannot be more relevant amidst the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

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A new World Bank report found the pandemic threatens to reverse hard-won gains made in global health and human capital over the past decade.

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COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics could be the catalyst to step up efforts around medicine traceability, but supply chains need to make fast progress.

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This week, the World Bank shares its top priorities as it continues to fight COVID-19 through the largest response in its history as an institution, with new health projects in Haiti and Uganda.…

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With the rising costs of out-of-pocket health care expenditures, currently estimated at half a trillion dollars globally, the number of people affected by this trend is expected to increase…

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A month after world leaders met at the UN General Assembly to recommit to financing for universal health coverage, the global health community gathers in Berlin for the World Health Summit.

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