As the world’s most youthful country, Uganda is replete with the energy, innovation and ambition that comes with each new generation.

Tony Thompson |

Earlier this year we launched Inclusion Matters in Africa in Nairobi in collaboration with the Kenya National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC). We could not have hoped for a more informed and…

Simeon Ehui, Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Maitreyi Bordia Das, Sabina Anne Espinoza |

The first time I traveled to Uganda, in October 2016, I met a young mother whose strength and resilience I still think about today; an important reminder of why and for whom I work as an…

Jessica Lopez |

Every year, the short rainy period in Rwanda runs from October to early December and the long rainy season from March up to early May. In between, Rwanda enjoys a break from rains at a perfect…

Abebaw Alemayehu, Pablo Benitez |

Chaque année, le Rwanda connaît une « petite saison des pluies », d'octobre à début décembre, et une « grande saison des pluies », de mars à début mai. Entre les deux, le pays bénéficie d’une…

Abebaw Alemayehu, Pablo Benitez |

Conventional wisdom tells us that young people are fleeing agriculture to seek opportunities in urban centers.

Aparna Krishnamurthy, Niraj H. Shah, Hans Joehr |

The archetype of the strong African woman standing as an unmoving pillar of her community is one that transcends national borders on the African continent. While in the past, this image often…

Nayé Bathily |

L’image de la femme africaine comme pilier inamovible de sa communauté est un archétype qui transcende les frontières nationales. Et qui s’est longtemps arrêté au seuil du monde de l’entreprise ou…

Nayé Bathily |

Nuevos hallazgos indican que las mujeres hondureñas, al igual que sus contrapartes en muchos países vecinos, están muy poco representadas en el mercado laboral.

Veronica Michel, Ian Walker |

New findings show that, like their counterparts in many neighboring countries, Honduran women are sorely underrepresented in the job market.

Veronica Michel, Ian Walker |