Profiles of women reformers making it easier to do business around the world

Caroline Freund, Valerie Marechal, Iva Ilieva Hamel |

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we highlight the accomplishments of five leaders who have delivered much needed regulatory reforms benefiting entrepreneurs.

Caroline Freund, Valerie Marechal, Iva Ilieva Hamel |

This page in: Français Credit: Tracy Ben/ Shutterstock “At 14:28:04 on May 12, 2008, an 8.0 earthquake struck suddenly, shaking the earth, with mountains and rivers shifted, devastated, and parted…

Sameh Wahba, Luis Benveniste |

Also available in: 中文, Français Recent research shows that [[tweetable]]air quality affects the productivity of high-skilled workers. What does this mean for developing cities?[[/tweetable]] City…

Anna Gueorguieva, Sofia Zhukova |

Also available in: Russian The “miracle pine, ” a 250-year-old tree that survived the 2011 tsunami in Japan, has been preserved as a memorial to the 19, 000 victims of the disaster. (Photo via…

Ko Takeuchi |