Malawi IHS4 Enumerator administering household questionnaire using World Bank Survey Solutions Photo credit: Heather Moylan, World Bank The Malawi National Statistical Office (NSO), in…

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Download PDF Food consumption and agricultural production are two critical components for monitoring poverty and household well-being in low- and middle-income countries. Accurate measurement of…

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Challenges and opportunities for women traders in SAR were at heart of discussions held at a workshop in Delhi on April 27-28, 2017.

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Video still of a mine in southern Africa by Clifford Derrick

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En 2015, economías desarrolladas como Alemania, Estados Unidos y Japón, lideraron el mundo de la exportación de bienes de alta tecnología, incluidos los de las industrias aeroespacial, informática…

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Alors que les pays développés, comme l'Allemagne, les Etats-Unis et le Japon, étaient en tête des exportations high tech dans le monde en 2015 (notamment les industries aérospaciales,…

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