Students at Beijing Bayi High School in China. Photo: World Bank In 1950, the average working-age person in the world had  almost three years of education, but in East Asia and Pacific (EAP), the…

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Availability of work has provided new opportunities for people in Honiara. We were shooting a film in the main street of Honiara about the Rapid Employment Project  wh

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More information on the World Bank-AusAID partnership in Making a difference for people, he

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(Read Part 2 and Part 3 of this blog post) The bow of the open aluminium boat jumped from wave to wave, cutting deeply into the white-topped wave crests and adding salt spray to the rain that was…

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Hayleen Dusaru is the Moli clinic's registered nurse I recently spent almost a week calf deep in mud, shooting around islands, and speaking to beneficiaries and community helpers of the…

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