How can we connect women in fragile settings to the digital economy—and the countless job opportunities that come with it?

Danielle Robinson, Aisha Sani, Zainab Rahima Aminu |

In Chongwe District, in Zambia, lack of adequate water supply led to long queues at the communal water points, putting communities at risk during the pandemic.

Erwin de Nys |

L’accès à l’eau est un droit fondamental qui reste, pour beaucoup, une véritable gageure.

Erwin de Nys |

In Nigeria, an estimated 44% of girls in Nigeria are married before their 18th birthday and the country, also, records the 11th highest rate of child marriage (UNICEF 2013).

Ebuka Mathias Itumoh |

The World Bank’s Digital Economy for Africa Initiative (DE4A) aims to ensure that every African individual, business and government is digitally enabled by 2030.

Ellen Olafsen |

Irrigation agencies around the world have continued to function despite challenging circumstances. However, there have been multiple shocks impacting service delivery.

Pieter Waalewijn, Karin Krchnak, Ijsbrand Harko de Jong, Svetlana Valieva |

Recurring climate shocks, rapid demographic growth and weak governance further compound the region’s fragility. As a result, the Lake Chad region has been designated a priority area for World Bank…

Deborah Wetzel |

Des chocs climatiques récurrents conjugués à une croissance démographique soutenue et une gouvernance défaillante fragilisent encore davantage la situation. De sorte que la région du lac Tchad…

Deborah Wetzel |

The COVID-19 crisis might not only affect learning in the short term, having other negative effects such as discontinued school feeding programs, but might also create long term consequences in…

Martín E. De Simone, Aisha Garba, Gloria Joseph-Raji, Joan Osa Oviawe, Andrew Ragatz, Alex Twinomugisha |

«Лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать». В этом можно убедиться, посмотрев видеозапись урока Айны Жакыповой, учительницы математики из кыргызского села, которая объясняет, как…

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