In the past decade, the GCC countries have made a number of steps towards improving women’s access to education, health care, and employment, as well as encouraging women to participate in…

Issam Abousleiman |

The start of this new school year was quite special. It took place two days after the first round of the second presidential elections being held in Tunisia since the 2011 Jasmine Revolution.

Michael Drabble |

Voilà une rentrée scolaire tout à fait particulière : elle a eu lieu deux jours après le premier tour de la deuxième élection présidentielle que la Tunisie a connue depuis la Révolution de Jasmin…

Michael Drabble |

بداية هذا العام الدراسي الجديد كانت بحق متميزة. فقد جاءت بعد يومين من الجولة الأولى لثاني انتخابات رئاسية ديمقراطية تجرى في تونس منذ ثورة الياسمين عام 2011.

مايكل درابل |

Protecting ASEAN’s impressive gains over the past two decades will require prioritizing investments in people – that is, human capital.

Victoria Kwakwa |

With new regulatory reforms in place, Malaysia is set to benefit from faster Internet connections for all its citizens, closing the gap in Internet speed with leading countries.

Siddhartha Raja, Richard Record |

A new report focuses on how Southeast Asia can overcome the still very significant barriers to the expansion of its digital economy.

Boutheina Guermazi, Natasha Beschorner |

عندما يتعلق الأمر بتحسين أداء المحفظة وجدت وحده اداره الدول المغربية ومالطا حلا يعمل بشكل جيد لشراكة مع نظراء الحكومه لتشكيل فريق قوي لدعم التنفيذ (IST)  استضاف البنك الدولي في أوائل آذار/مارس…

عفاف حداد |

Quand il s’agit de l'amélioration de la performance du portefeuille, le département du Maghreb (CMU) a trouvé une solution qui a bien marché : un partenariat avec les homologues du…

Afef Haddad |

When it comes to improving portfolio performance, the Maghreb Country Management Unit (CMU) has found a solution that worked well: Partnering with the Government counterparts to form a strong…

Afef Haddad |