Though many trials on the effectiveness of financial incentives are encouraging, they may not generalize in novel contexts.

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Catastrophe bonds, also known as #catbonds, brings diversification to investment portfolios and provides robust performance in good and bad times. What could a cat bond for a Central Asian country…

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Getting the balance right at the water-energy nexus is already a challenge, and the climate crisis is only expected to exacerbate this, especially in Central Asia.

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Banking supervisors in Central Asia need to be prepared for a potentially sharp rise in NPLs. A recent World Bank policy paper assesses the NPL resolution framework in four Central Asian countries…

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Globally, women earn about 80% of what men earn on average. But the gap is larger in Central Asia: working women earn about 60% of what men earn in Tajikistan, 61% in Uzbekistan, 75% in the Kyrgyz…

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Uzbekistanis save as much as people in other developing countries, don’t use banks or other financial institutions to deposit their savings. As a result, most women follow the example of friends…

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The key to bridge the gap between infrastructure and climate is optimizing scarce public spending in order to generate more private sector participation. There are a number of ways to do this that…

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The World Bank is committed to working with all our stakeholders to end gender-based violence (GBV). The time has come to break the silence surrounding GBV in Central Asia, increase awareness, and…

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Central Asian countries are joining forces across the environment, agriculture, and health sectors to protect food systems and prevent future pandemics.

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Learn more about the potential of the sovereign green, social and sustainability bond market to mobilize private capital.

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