The archetype of the strong African woman standing as an unmoving pillar of her community is one that transcends national borders on the African continent. While in the past, this image often…

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Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) focuses on curating and learning from innovations in youth employment programs.

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Across Africa and the Sahel, young people are taking up the mantle to develop products and services that meet the needs of their community, from access to energy to healthcare to food security. I…

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Partout en Afrique, et plus particulièrement au Sahel, les jeunes sont à l’avant-garde pour développer des produits et des services qui répondent aux besoins de leurs communautés, depuis l’accès à…

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While camps are often crucial for the displaced populations in the immediate term, they are not a tenable option when displacement becomes prolonged.

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Investors are raring to do business in a region held back by state meddling and vested interests.

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Les cas de réussite en Afrique prouvent que les pays peuvent progresser. Les investissements étrangers et l’aide internationale au développement – venant notamment du Royaume-Uni – jouent chacun…

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Los inversionistas están esperando hacer negocios en una región que aún no puede avanzar por la intervención del Estado y los intereses creados.

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المستثمرون يتوقون إلى ممارسة أنشطة الأعمال في منطقة تعرقلها تدخلات الدولة والمصالح الخاصة

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