Young women in Latin America and the Caribbean may be deprived of ‘hope’ due to poverty, lack of opportunities and gender norms that restrict their options.

Miriam Muller |

The mayors were united in their absolute determination to turn a crisis into an opportunity for a green and resilient transformation of their cities, whilst also creating jobs.

Mari Elka Pangestu |

In a post-COVID world, transport could become even more important to the social and economic inclusion of people across Latin America—especially women.

Maria Jose Gonzalez Rivas |

Women, Business and the Law is a World Bank Group flagship report measuring gender equality in legislation in 190 economies.

Isabel Santagostino Recavarren, Nisha Arekapudi |

Only a few months ago, mentioning the words discrimination and racism was taboo in many topics of the public agenda.

Seynabou Sakho |

What started amid turmoil and investment uncertainty a half decade ago in Brazil has transformed into a new model of private participation in investment—and a way to build infrastructure that…

Richard Cabello, Bernardo Tavares de Almeida, Rafael Maia Alves |

Women worldwide continue to live in societies that provide them unequal opportunities to succeed. In many parts of the world women are less valued than men and at times their rights are violated…

Seynabou Sakho, Germán Caruso, Malena Acuña |

From bus schedules to personal safety and gender roles, there are many different factors that can affect how women move around. A new World Bank study takes a closer look at women's mobility…

Karla Dominguez Gonzalez, Ana Luiza Machado, Bianca Bianchi Alves |

It is hard to believe that only 70 years ago, in most Latin American countries, women could not vote. Or even more recently, women’s access to land under agrarian reforms depended on factors .…

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