Protecting ASEAN’s impressive gains over the past two decades will require prioritizing investments in people – that is, human capital.

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Here are 7 things you need to know about taxing sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Illicit trade in tobacco products undermines global tobacco prevention and control interventions, particularly with respect to tobacco tax policy. From a public health perspective, illicit trade…

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Step up to the Jobs Challenge It is said that some employees are hired because of their technical skills, but fired due to their behaviors or attitudes, such as arriving late or showing a lack of…

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Women beneficiaries from Maguindanao, southern Philippines, with World Bank Country Director Mara Warwick. These women are participating in livelihood projects under the multi-donor Mindanao Trust…

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Can innovation be more than just a gimmick? © DFID [[tweetable]]Challenges in development are growing at unprecedented rates, driven by complex human crises[[/tweetable]]: refugees, rapid and…

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Video still of a mine in southern Africa by Clifford Derrick

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Kazakhstan. Photo: Kubat Sydykov / World Bank How large is the share of public procurement to GDP in middle-income and low-income countries and how it is evolving? If sizable, can public…

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Former Bougainvillean combatant, now cocoa farmer, Timothy Konovai (right) tries out VR for the first time (Photo: World Bank / Alana Holmberg)

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