Members of the World Bank-supported S4YE Youth Advisory Group (YAG) have stepped up to help manage the food crisis in their respective local communities.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Such is the case with this image of Aina Jakypova, a math teacher from a Kyrgyz village, explaining percentage calculations on the front gate of her…

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Saudi Arabia has been investing steadily in digital infrastructure and services. Today, despite the COVID-19 lockdown, the country's advanced digital ecosystem has allowed Saudis to ensure…

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As natural disasters and other climate change impacts become more pronounced, it is important for policymakers and the international community to better recognize the tight inter-linkages between…

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Amina is a young Beninese woman. When she was 14, she left her village to escape a forced early marriage. She found refuge with an association that helped her stay in school.

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To help workers transition to this new normal, governments need to continue implementing strong actions to support workers.

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Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Nearly four in 10 girls marry each year before their 18th birthday, many of them becoming mothers at a young age.…

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Three measures to ensure no one is left behind by this pandemic.

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Today, the world is seeing an unprecedented freeze on work and production, a repercussion of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures taken to confine it.

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If there is a single lesson to draw from the pandemic, it is that transparency in public information can save lives and improve economic outcomes, by enhancing societal trust in the state.

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