Entre todas as empresas que serão impactadas pela pandemia de coronavírus, as concessionárias de água, energia e transporte urbano merecem atenção especial.

Rafael Muñoz Moreno |

In Chongwe District, in Zambia, lack of adequate water supply led to long queues at the communal water points, putting communities at risk during the pandemic.

Erwin de Nys |

L’accès à l’eau est un droit fondamental qui reste, pour beaucoup, une véritable gageure.

Erwin de Nys |

The World Bank’s Digital Economy for Africa Initiative (DE4A) aims to ensure that every African individual, business and government is digitally enabled by 2030.

Ellen Olafsen |

As MPEs estão entre os agentes econômicos mais vulneráveis e mais atingidos pela pandemia.

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«Лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать». В этом можно убедиться, посмотрев видеозапись урока Айны Жакыповой, учительницы математики из кыргызского села, которая объясняет, как…

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Such is the case with this image of Aina Jakypova, a math teacher from a Kyrgyz village, explaining percentage calculations on the front gate of her…

Lilia Burunciuc |

What started amid turmoil and investment uncertainty a half decade ago in Brazil has transformed into a new model of private participation in investment—and a way to build infrastructure that…

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The latest data suggest that South and Central America have become the new COVID-19 epicenter, with daily infections in the region now exceeding those in the United States and Europe .

Patricio V. Marquez, Santiago Herrera Aguilera, Luigi Butron Calderon |

Sustained investment in digital services can be crucial for preparedness and resilience to shocks like a pandemic.

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