COVID-19 has prompted many cities to promote the use of cycling, which makes it easier for commuters to comply with social distancing rules. But bicycles have the potential to be much more than a…

Leszek J. Sibilski |

As South Asian governments fight to recover their coronavirus-ravaged economies, a new regional project will help make key sectors like agriculture and transport more resilient to shocks caused by…

Haris Khan, Atishay Abbhi, Keisuke Iyadomi |

As planning for recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 begins, the big question is what form this new economy might take?

Urvashi Narain, Hasita Bhammar |

As we address pandemic-related food security in the region, this is a good time to revisit important lessons learned from the South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative.

Cecile Fruman, Yinan Zhang |

As of April 23rd 2020, there were over 2.65 million confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) globally, with the United States, Spain, and Italy having the highest numbers. This number is most…

Vinny Ricciardi, Paolo Verme, Umar Serajuddin |

Malgré les difficultés liées aux fermetures des établissements scolaires en raison du coronavirus, les initiatives pour en atténuer l’impact pourraient bien améliorer la flexibilité de l’offre…

Kaliope Azzi-Huck, Andreas Blom, May Bend |

Despite the inconveniences of school closures due to the coronavirus, efforts to mitigate the impact have the potential to expand the flexibility of delivering education in MENA.

Kaliope Azzi-Huck, Andreas Blom, May Bend |

على الرغم من المضايقات الناجمة عن إغلاق المدارس بسبب فيروس كورونا، فإن الجهود المبذولة لمواصلة التدريس أدت إلى زيادة في استخدام تكنولوجيات جديدة في المنطقة.

كاليوبي قازي-هق, Andreas Blom, May Bend |

The unprecedented crisis posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) will mean that South Asia might experience its worst economic performance in 40 years, with at least half its countries falling into a…

Hans Timmer, Valerie Mercer-Blackman, Robert C M Beyer |

تشكل أنظمة الحماية الاجتماعية درعاً واقياً للفئات الفقيرة والأكثر احتياجا لمساعدتهم على مواجهة فيروس كورونا المستجدّ (كوفيد-19).

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