On any rational cost-benefit basis, investing in preparedness, whether for pandemics or natural hazards, is possibly one of the best investments any country can make. A dollar spent on…

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Over the last five years, an extensive coalition of development partners has been working under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety to make roads safer in 10 cities…

Alina Florentina Burlacu, Dipan Bose, Juan Miguel Velásquez, Dr. Soames Job, BA (Honours 1), PhD, GAICD, FACRS, Noor Ibrahim Mohamed |

An interview with with Mauricio Rodas, Former Mayor of Quito, Ecuador (SuM4All in 60 seconds – Episode 5)

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The region needs to accelerate the pace of economic growth, reduce inequality and improve governance

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El continente necesita acelerar su ritmo de crecimiento económico, reducir las inequidades y mejorar la gobernabilidad

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Wuhan 2020 and Surat 1994 - “déjà Vu all over again”

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La mayor crisis migratoria en el mundo quizás ya no se produce en Oriente Medio o África, sino en América Latina, donde 4,8 millones de personas han huido de la crisis política y económica de…

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Conflict and instability have hampered the Central African Republic's economic growth, but there is hope. The Central African Republic, the second poorest country in the world, is struggling…

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La croissance économique de la République centrafricaine (RCA) a payé au prix fort les années de conflit et d’instabilité, mais l’avenir s’éclaircit. Deuxième pays le plus pauvre du monde , la RCA…

Francisco G. Carneiro, Wilfried A. Kouame |