According to the World Bank’s latest economic update titled “What will be the new normal for Vietnam: the economic impact of COVID-19,” Vietnam is nonetheless in a good position to escape the…

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The experience in Zambia of boosting school enrollment under KGS provides useful lessons for governments facing the unprecedented challenge of re-enrolling millions of children when schools reopen…

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How long can an economy survive without allowing international flights in and out?

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Looking at the subject matter, one could boldly say that child marriage is not a predominant issue in Eswatini. This misconception emanates from the lack of documented evidence and understanding…

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The Zambian culture still places significance on marriage, especially for a woman. Many say a woman ceases to be one if she does not have the company of one she would refer to as a husband.

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As countries grapple with the impact of COVID-19, policy makers are seeking effective, balanced solutions to address both public health and economic recovery challenges.

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In Chongwe District, in Zambia, lack of adequate water supply led to long queues at the communal water points, putting communities at risk during the pandemic.

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The World Bank’s Digital Economy for Africa Initiative (DE4A) aims to ensure that every African individual, business and government is digitally enabled by 2030.

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Ensuring better integration of refugees into host communities and longer-term investments in both refugees and their hosts.

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Tracking progress aimed at reducing poverty requires the availability of high-quality poverty data. Unfortunately, many countries face challenges in collecting this type of data, especially poorer…

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