China has recently achieved a remarkable improvement in its business environment as measured by the World Bank’s global Doing Business report. Over the past two years, China moved up by almost 50…

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South Asia’s tourism industry has lost more than 10 million jobs and $52 billion in GDP to COVID-19; rebuilding it after such a staggering blow won’t be easy.

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In Malawi, as in most parts of the world, childcare tasks rest predominantly on women – in fact, Malawian women and girls above the age of 15, spend seven times more on unpaid care and domestic…

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As they respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), countries have a unique opportunity to plan for stronger and greener economies.

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Like many other countries, Tunisia’s economic situation is in a fragile state because of Covid-19. It would be unforgiveable if, as a result of poor port management, the country were to miss out…

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We need to be fluid in our approach to eliminating child marriage, due to the number and nature of systems that nurture the practice. Patriarchy, is one such system.

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Initial evidence suggests smoking is also a risk factor for COVID-19.

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Over the last decade, China has become one of the rising stars of global innovation. The Chinese government considers innovation to be one of the key drivers of its future growth and convergence…

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As South Asian governments fight to recover their coronavirus-ravaged economies, a new regional project will help make key sectors like agriculture and transport more resilient to shocks caused by…

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In Malawi, UNICEF reported that in 2017, 46% of girls are married before the age of 18 and 9% before the age of 15. This has robbed our sisters the opportunity of getting a decent education,…

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