The unprecedented emergency posed by COVID-19 will have a devastating impact on the lives of the poor. Nearly 24 percent of Pakistan’s 210 million people totter below the poverty line. The country…

Amjad Zafar Khan |

As COVID-19 takes its human and economic toll around the world, the World Bank is supporting Pakistan’s frontline health care staff and those whose lives have been affected by the pandemic.

Dr. Aliya Kashif, Shaza Khan |

Монгол оронд нийт хүн амын 28.4% нь ядуу амьдарч байна. Ядуурлын түвшин хөдөө орон нутагт илүү өндөр (31%) агаад таван ядуу хүний гурав нь малчин байна.

Masako Hiraga, Ikuko Uochi, Gabriela R. A. Doyle |

In Mongolia, 28.4% of the total population live in poverty. The higher incidence of poverty (31%) was found in the rural areas, where nearly three in five poor are herders.

Masako Hiraga, Ikuko Uochi, Gabriela R. A. Doyle |

The unprecedented crisis posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) will mean that South Asia might experience its worst economic performance in 40 years, with at least half its countries falling into a…

Hans Timmer, Valerie Mercer-Blackman, Robert C M Beyer |

تشكل أنظمة الحماية الاجتماعية درعاً واقياً للفئات الفقيرة والأكثر احتياجا لمساعدتهم على مواجهة فيروس كورونا المستجدّ (كوفيد-19).

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Three measures to ensure no one is left behind by this pandemic.

Michal Rutkowski |

Voici trois mesures de protection sociale qui aideront à garantir que personne ne soit laissé pour compte.

Michal Rutkowski |

Tres medidas de protección social para que nadie quede atrás a causa de esta crisis sin precedentes.

Michal Rutkowski |

Три меры обеспечения того, чтобы никто не был оставлен за бортом в результате этой пандемии.

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