Las empresas privadas son la columna vertebral de la mayoría de las economías en desarrollo. Proporcionan 9 de cada 10 empleos, generan ingresos fiscales para financiar proyectos de…

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Central America and the Dominican Republic have a good track record of economic growth. Between 1991 and 2019, Central America grew by an average of 4.5% per year, and the Dominican Republic by an…

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Public infrastructure has a significant role in helping countries achieve development goals. However, corruption in this sector has a particularly negative impact for developing countries.

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Women commonly are associated with the private sphere – the domestic sphere – while men are associated with the public sphere, which in a rural context implies the agricultural sector.…

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Our Honduras Jobs Diagnostic found that rural homes are especially affected by under-employment, but there is considerable variance.

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Only a few months ago, mentioning the words discrimination and racism was taboo in many topics of the public agenda.

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According to a Pan American Health Organization assessment, nearly seven out of 10 hospitals in Latin America and the Caribbean are in areas vulnerable to natural hazards.

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