This year, the World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that 40 percent of the population – or 2.8 million people - in the English-speaking Caribbean struggle to access adequate food and remain food…

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New Evidence from Telephone Surveys Provides Insights for Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake in the Caribbean

Amy Margolies, Jacobus de Hoop, Phillis Kim, Anna Luisa Paffhausen, Laura Di Giorgio |

Safe Passage worked on improving safety of children commuting to schools through both physical and social actions and was completed during the school closures due to COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021.

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At the World Bank Group, we are working to help countries recover, as well as to achieve green, resilient and inclusive development in the long run. We appreciate the strong partnership with…

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Energy subsidies are proliferating as governments try to shield consumers from rising and volatile energy prices — but these come with significant risks.

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For more than a million people (estimated 15% of the Caribbean population) who have physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities, disasters are more daunting prospects than usual. Read the new…

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Girls and women in Latin America and the Caribbean see their opportunities to fulfill their full potential curtailed as a result of the pandemic’s lingering impacts, inflation, emerging war, and…

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Despite being in one of the most disaster-prone regions of the world, Jamaica is building resilience by preparing for these threats in advance. Innovative approaches like this cat bond will help…

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A stimulation intervention for young, malnourished children leads to adults who are better educated and have significantly higher earnings.

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Natural hazards are gender neutral; however, they do not affect all members of society equally. For instance, women are more vulnerable to the adverse economic effects of natural hazards, due to…

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