The more accurate the public can be in documenting their driving experiences, the more precise government agencies and development partners, like the World Bank, can help fill pot-holes—ensuring a…

Charles Cormier, Tatiana Proskuryakova |

Water is central to economic growth and human wellbeing. Sustainably managing this precious resource is becoming more urgent as demand grows while supply becomes less reliable. And it is through…

Jennifer J. Sara, Tatiana Proskuryakova |

By rethinking the approach to landscape restoration in Central Asia, the region can better protect lives and livelihoods and help create a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Paola Agostini, Tatiana Proskuryakova |

As the world celebrates the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, it is important to remind ourselves of the fragility of our environment—we must invest in our planet today to ensure a brighter future…

Chyi-Yun Huang, Dinara Muldabayeva |

Mountains are crucial for economic growth, and preserving mountain landscapes is among the key objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals for a green and just future.

Kseniya Lvovsky, Nigara Abate |

Concerns over lost business, unemployment, and slower economic growth from a tax on sugary drinks in Kazakhstan are overblown and have little evidence to support them.

Jean-François Marteau, Kate Mandeville, Lynn Silver |

Reducing air pollution will improve people’s health, reduce GHG emissions, achieve billions in economic gains across Central Asia, and save thousands of lives each year.

Lilia Burunciuc |

Meaningful digital connectivity, that is, connectivity that is available, accessible, relevant, affordable, safe, trusted, and user-empowering, is a necessity in today’s world —and increasingly, a…

Lilia Burunciuc |

How can Kazakhstan’s ambitious carbon neutrality goal by 2060 be reconciled with energy-driven economic growth?

Jean-François Marteau |