Mountains are crucial for economic growth, and preserving mountain landscapes is among the key objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals for a green and just future.

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As students return to class in the Kyrgyz Republic after a year of virtual learning, the World Bank offers some recommendations for making education spending more efficient.

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Reducing air pollution will improve people’s health, reduce GHG emissions, achieve billions in economic gains across Central Asia, and save thousands of lives each year.

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Meaningful digital connectivity, that is, connectivity that is available, accessible, relevant, affordable, safe, trusted, and user-empowering, is a necessity in today’s world —and increasingly, a…

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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Eurasian nations were better prepared than others to respond to the crisis and ensure the delivery of essential public services. This blog post discusses…

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Across Central Asia, there are remarkable examples of strong female trailblazers who have been pushing the boundaries for decades. For this year’s International Women’s Day, and throughout March,…

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As in many parts of the world, the COVID-19 crisis has hit the Kyrgyz Republic hard, with over 83,000 cases and 1,394 deaths reported so far.

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The mountains of Central Asia provide more than a breathtaking view. They are essential to the region’s resilience – people’s day-to-day lives, health, and future.

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Natural disasters affect close to 3 million Central Asians annually, almost half of whom live in Uzbekistan. And these are more than just statistics; the reality is that people die, lose loved…

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