An approach known as ‘Baby WASH’ aims to address childhood stunting and hygiene risks by encouraging food hygiene, clean play spaces, control of animal feces, and child handwashing.

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The world is facing both a health and an economic crisis due to COVID-19. This threatens progress towards universal health coverage – a policy commitment of the United Nations’ Sustainable…

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This entry highlights 13 papers that were published in the weeks of November 2nd and 9th. In these weeks’ publications, a number of papers were published related to the impact assessment of the…

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Since early May 2020, many countries in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region have conducted high-frequency household phone surveys to monitor the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 and to inform…

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The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating lives and livelihoods globally. Before the pandemic, the World Bank projected that 35 million people in East Asia and the Pacific would escape poverty in 2020…

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Becoming more equal in East Asia Pacific by reducing the trade-offs between work and home

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In a world of climate change and headline-grabbing cyclones, El Niño is one of the most unspoken climate risks in East Asia and the Pacific.

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The word "convenience" in the single-use plastics context, needs urgent redefinition, especially in the East Asia region where several countries top the list in terms of plastics leaking…

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Protecting ASEAN’s impressive gains over the past two decades will require prioritizing investments in people – that is, human capital.

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