Trade can spur growth, job creation, and poverty reduction, and is thus necessary to sustain the post-pandemic recovery.

Mari Elka Pangestu |

For local governments in an emerging country, this study shows that only the few with more tax collection capacity can substitute federal transfers for bank debt.

Mariela Dal Borgo |

Endless procedures, unnecessary burdens and uncertainty about which regulations apply to their business activities and how to comply with them. These are the answers from many businessmen when…

Alfredo Gonzalez Briseño, Alejandro Espinosa-Wang |

While new housing & construction technologies can help cut waste and reduce GHG emissions, they are unlikely to make a dent in the global housing crisis, unless accompanied by four key changes…

Luis Triveno, Olivia Nielsen |

As the world strives to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of trade will be more critical than ever to growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

Caroline Freund, Carolina Sánchez-Páramo |

As new data-sharing models emerge, we are seeing threats to privacy, data vulnerabilities, and capacity gaps in data usage in real time. Data collected for one purpose has the potential to…

Boutheina Guermazi, Vyjayanti T Desai, Jonathan Dolan |

Exploiting the differences in preexisting bank market shares across Mexican labor markets, along with variation over time in total lending from each bank and empirically assess the causal impact…

Emilio Gutierrez, David Jaume, Martin Tobal |

With the objective of supporting the Dominican Republic’s communication strategies, the World Bank brought together housing authorities from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina to share their…

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With only a decade left to achieve Zero Routine Flaring by 2030, the time to act is now. Here's how.

Zubin Bamji |

Rail is a climate-friendly and low-cost transport mode, and many countries aim to increase the share of freight it moves. However, this can be difficult when freight goes cross-border. This blog…

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