Implementing a Health Information Management System could be the key to transforming the sector in Peru.

Gabriel Aguirre Martens |

In Perú, only 50 percent of the population have access to safely managed water and only 4 out of 10 have safely managed sanitation. Managing the country's water resources is key to overcoming…

Carlo Alberto Amadei, Christian Borja-Vega |

Like many urban centers in Latin America and around the world, modern Lima was built for cars. Decades ago, designing cities around cars was considered forward-looking; residents on the outskirts…

Felipe Targa, Aiga Stokenberga, Ellin Ivarsson |

A recent peer learning workshop for five Latin American countries underscored the importance of effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) frameworks for ensuring the successful implementation…

Verónica Trujillo, Fiorella Risso Brandon |

There is no substitute for an effective teacher. That's why their professional development is critical; they make a huge difference in the learning outcomes of their students.

David Evans |

While PPPs provide an important tool for governments, they are sensitive to economic ups and downs. A new World Bank study shows a sound and practical Fiscal Commitment and Contingent Liabilities…

Marcel van den Broek, Hulya Pasaogullari, Mikel Tejada Ibañez, Elena Timusheva |

When nature-based solutions (NBS) are integrated into traditional infrastructure projects, they can help service providers deliver more cost-effective and resilient services. New financing…

Carmen Rosa Yee-Batista, Suzanne Ozment, Emi Yamamura Kinjo, Laura Bulbena Janer |

With the reduction in health budgets following the response to the COVID-19 crisis, Latin American and Caribbean countries must prioritize spending on high-yield resilience.

Jeremy Veillard, Cristian Herrera, Nicole Feune de Colombi |

Learn about the challenges of using the available theory on gender-based violence prevention and putting it into practice in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Diana Catalina Buitrago Orozco, Lorena Levano, Diana Moss, Manuel Contreras-Urbina, Giselle Marie Bello |

Let's reflect on what is still missing for people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the path to continue #BreakingBarriers making the invisible, visible.

Maria González de Asis, Maria Elena García Mora |