Peru and Ecuador living examples of the profound connection between us humans and the marine world from cultural, economic, and livelihood perspectives. For both nations, the ocean offers food,…

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Displaced Venezuelans are certainly in a difficult situation. However, it could become even worse in the medium term once the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are lifted and the flow of…

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Institutions matter for growth and prosperity, today more than ever. What specific set of institutions are optimal or desirable for economic growth? Do countries need to build strong institutions…

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Government measures to contain the spreading of the virus have stuck many women, girls, and boys at home with abusive members and isolated them from people and resources that can help them to deal…

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New innovations are helping to better support survivors at home and are continuing to address this form of violence in public spaces.

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Coordinated economic inclusion interventions can provide a valuable pathway out of extreme poverty.

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Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning.

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To ensure that refugees are included in COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery, UNHCR and the World Bank continue to work diligently with host countries.

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Dada su ubicación en el Cinturón del Fuego del Pacífico y sus condiciones climáticas, Chile, Colombia, México y Perú están altamente expuestos a la ocurrencia de desastres de origen geológico o…

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Peru is one of the countries in the region most affected by the pandemic, both in terms of declines in economic activity and in terms of rates of infection and deaths from the disease.

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