Innovation is key to improving the breeding and extraction of marine and inland species, as well as to enhancing the quality of life of fishing and aquaculture communities. Today, its potential to…

Mariana Escobar, David Ramos López, Michael Morris |

Energy subsidies are proliferating as governments try to shield consumers from rising and volatile energy prices — but these come with significant risks.

Defne Gencer, Elcin Akcura |

Learn more about the link between gender equality, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, landscapes, and climate change.

Christian Peter, Ezgi Canpolat, Meerim Shakirova |

Transport innovation can introduce more fairness into urban policy and make sure fiscal resources go to transport modes that are most beneficial to people, the planet, and the economy.

Ellin Ivarsson, Leonardo Canon Rubiano, Bianca Bianchi |

This blog is a biweekly feature highlighting recent working papers from around the World Bank Group. It introduces five papers published from March 16 to March 31 on various topics, including…

Marcelo Buitron, Policy Research Working Paper team |

Adolescents are also especially important to achieving the social norms change that will ultimately prevent violence since adolescence is a time of transformation – a window of opportunity where…

Manuel Contreras-Urbina, Greta Granados de Orbegoso, Diana Catalina Buitrago Orozco, Lorena Levano, Giselle Marie Bello |

We’ve learned a few important lessons along our own migration journey, and this has been a key motivation for me to proudly work on migration and social inclusion at the World Bank.

Ana I. Aguilera |

In the Latin American context, cable car helps vulnerable and predominantly low-income populations living in such sites, improving their urban conditions, and increasing access to job…

Irene Portabales González, Lorena Sierra Valdivieso, Damian Saint-Martin, Leonardo Canon Rubiano |

The ability to move independently, comfortably and without interruptions is a basic right, and we must consider all architectural design and adaptability measures which may grant full…

Sofía Guerrero Gámez, Lorena Sierra Valdivieso, Ignacio Sánchez D’Ocon, Gálata Llano |

So why aren’t Peru and other countries around the world using the dearth of relevant data and knowledge to fine-tune their health and economic decisions during the pandemic?

Jeremy Veillard, Aakash Mohpal, Gabriel Aguirre Martens, María Inés Badin |