Creating investor “buzz” about PPPs through market sounding & project pipelines

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For South Asia to reach its full economic potential, it must explore untapped opportunities.

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Working with nature to strengthen urban resilience can be cost-effective for addressing climate adaptation and mitigation while bringing out broader benefits for biodiversity, communities and the…

Brenden Jongman, Ruth Tiffer Sotomayor, Xueman Wang |

As the gusts of the COVID-19 pandemic quieten, South Asian economies, left fragile and uneven in their recovery, are facing renewed headwinds: high inflation, rising fiscal deficits, and…

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Two-wheeler crashes account for the highest death rate around the world, compared to other road traffic crashes. The situation is particularly alarming in South Asia. But the proper use of…

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In Sri Lanka, the Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project is making a paradigm shift in mindsets of rural Sri Lankans by raising awareness, providing training and building laboratories for…

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In the face of mounting climate impacts, nature-based solutions – using our natural world to address climate-related and societal challenges – are increasingly becoming a fundamental pillar of…

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South Asians are coming together to beat plastics pollution and we can do more! So, this Valentine’s Day, let’s toss aside some plastic to show our love for our land, rivers and oceans.

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South Asia’s tourism heavy nations are well poised to take advantage of new services and digital technologies along with a new-found need for wellness post-pandemic, to boost their economies.

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