The COVID-19 pandemic created a huge crisis, but also an opportunity for MENA countries to build more adaptive, resilient, inclusive social protection systems. There are many lessons to draw from…

Ferid Belhaj |

A study shows that living in a camp reduces quality of life for refugees with respect to those that choose to live outside a camp, measured as life satisfaction and material living conditions. In…

Chinedu Temple Obi |

To ensure that refugees are included in COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery, UNHCR and the World Bank continue to work diligently with host countries.

Filippo Grandi, Axel van Trotsenburg |

Larger refugee concentrations in localities lead to more social interactions with locals from the host communities.

Development Impact Guest Blogger |

The Middle East and North African countries cannot wait until the end of the pandemic to begin rebuilding the post-COVID region.

Ferid Belhaj, Nadir Mohammed |

Nine years after the Arab Spring, people in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen face tragically high levels of death, destruction, and displacement. From 2012 to 2017, the MENA region alone accounted for…

Ayat Soliman, Nadir Mohammed |

In 2016, the Government of Jordan, in partnership with the international community, has committed to tackling the challenge of improving the living conditions, prospects and resilience of both…

Meriem Ait Ali Slimane, Fiona Allen, Maha Kattaa, Patrick Daru |

As the region recovers from the economic downturn, it is important that governments make their recovery 'green'.

Lia Sieghart, Martin Heger |

Today, the world is seeing an unprecedented freeze on work and production, a repercussion of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures taken to confine it.

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