GovTech – the use of the latest technology to modernize the public sector -- has great potential to deliver on the promises of the digital age by improving core government systems and services to…

Kimberly Johns, Cem Dener |

Youth are said to be the “driving force” of society, and we, here in Africa, have a predominantly young population, which means that we have the potential to offer a workforce full of energy.

Evaristo Ucuahamba Manasés |

Today, on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day , we are pleased to announce the winners of the Blog4Dev 2021 competition.

Hafez Ghanem, Ousmane Diagana |

Water and sanitation: A pillar of Angola’s development

Camilo Lombana Cordoba, Aleix Serrat Capdevila |

Whether we seek to reduce poverty, boost economic growth, or otherwise increase the welfare of Angolans, the starting point is the same: empower girls.

Mamta Murthi, Jean-Christophe Carret |

This week highlights the World Bank’s support in Angola and Mongolia’s health systems.

Priyanka Ripley |

One-hundred ventilators have arrived in Angola, and so, we breathe a sigh of relief for Angola’s health system

Benjamin Mutti, João Pires, Carmen Carpio |

Southern African countries had a tough 2019. The Government of Lesotho declared a national disaster as a result of the drought which left a fourth of its population facing severe food insecurity…

Barry Maher, Gracelin Baskaran |