The most effective prevention models use comprehensive approaches to eliminate the causes and risk factors that exacerbate GBV, such as gender inequality, having witnessed or suffered abuse in…

Maria González de Asis, Manuel Contreras-Urbina, Diana Catalina Buitrago Orozco |

COVID-19 has been the greatest – and in many ways the most brutal – accelerator of digital transformation in history, with profound consequences for the private and public sectors.


Francisco Gaetani |

In a changing climate—with more frequent, longer lasting, or extreme wind, rain, snow, cold, and heat—how can urban planning and design influence our mobility choices? And how can city governments…

Sandrine Boukerche |

A new study assesses the integration in Brazil of migrants from Venezuela. It shows that despite having few legal barriers, they are facing challenges in accessing education, formal jobs and…

Mrittika Shamsuddin, Rovane Battaglin Schwengber |

This blog highlights three research endeavors on climate change, offering insights on both mitigation and adaptation measures, covering a wide range of countries including Bangladesh, Brazil,…

Emiko Naomasa, Kerina Wang, KCP Program Management Unit (KCP PMU) |

Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning.

Maria Barron, Cristobal Cobo, Alberto Munoz-Najar, Inaki Sanchez Ciarrusta |

Facing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, governments around the world have set up various coordination mechanisms at the center of government (COG) to facilitate pandemic response.

Jana Kunicova, Jim Brumby |

Young women in Latin America and the Caribbean may be deprived of ‘hope’ due to poverty, lack of opportunities and gender norms that restrict their options.

Miriam Muller |