GovTech – the use of the latest technology to modernize the public sector -- has great potential to deliver on the promises of the digital age by improving core government systems and services to…

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Digitizing infrastructure services and industries can lead to tangible benefits around the world. Taking the steps to digitize infrastructure now will result in safer and more reliable transport,…

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The Flood Risk Management Support Project for the City of Buenos Aires, with support from the World Bank, has been successful in enhancing positive impacts by incorporating Nature-based Solutions…

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With the objective of supporting the Dominican Republic’s communication strategies, the World Bank brought together housing authorities from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina to share their…

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The Global Report on Public Financial Management uses PEFA’s extensive database to provide a comprehensive global view of PFM trends and performance. Learn about the report's findings.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on public health, societies, and economies around the world: it could push up to 150 million people into extreme poverty by the end of 2021.…

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In Argentina, income and opportunities have become increasingly concentrated in just a few cities. This pushes some people to move to a location different to their place of birth in order to find…

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To ensure that opportunities reach all corners of a country and all citizens within its borders, a Territorial Development approach is necessary when designing public policy

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In Buenos Aires, it is essential to regain people’s trust in public transport so that they will start using it again.

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Through their renewed road safety partnership, the World Bank and Bloomberg Philanthropies aim to save an additional 600,000 lives on the road, and prevent up to 22 million injuries.

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