The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted life as we knew it. Without effective remedial policy action, the negative impacts on learning of the pandemic will impinge huge economic losses for…

Andre Loureiro, Emanuela Di Gropello, Omar Arias |

The COVID-19 pandemic has given telemedicine a massive boost. What does this mean for the future of healthcare in emerging markets?

Monique Mrazek, Ruchira Shukla |

What started amid turmoil and investment uncertainty a half decade ago in Brazil has transformed into a new model of private participation in investment—and a way to build infrastructure that…

Richard Cabello, Bernardo Tavares de Almeida, Rafael Maia Alves |

The latest data suggest that South and Central America have become the new COVID-19 epicenter, with daily infections in the region now exceeding those in the United States and Europe .

Patricio V. Marquez, Santiago Herrera Aguilera, Luigi Butron Calderon |

Brazil’s poorest people, who were already unduly affected by the economic crisis of 2014-16, are now at greater risk from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rafael Munoz Moreno, Liliana Sousa, Anna Luisa Paffhausen |

Banks appear to compensate for the limited expected revenue from earmarked loans by increasing their interest rates in other free-market loans that recipient firms take.

Alvaro Pedraza, Claudia Ruiz |

Unleashing wastewater’s potential in Brazil

Juliana Garrido, Stela Goldenstein |

From bus schedules to personal safety and gender roles, there are many different factors that can affect how women move around. A new World Bank study takes a closer look at women's mobility…

Karla Dominguez Gonzalez, Ana Luiza Machado, Bianca Bianchi Alves |

In cities around the world, an estimated 15 million people scrape together a living through informal waste picking. Many of them are women, children, elderly, unemployed, or migrants, who work…

Judy Baker |

Brazil's new anti-dumping framework better accounts for competition effects and trade interests and is expected to boost competition pressure and boost the overall country’s competitiveness…

Mariana Iootty, Guilherme De Aguiar Falco |