As the world strives to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of trade will be more critical than ever to growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

Caroline Freund, Carolina Sánchez-Páramo |

New innovations are helping to better support survivors at home and are continuing to address this form of violence in public spaces.

Mirai Maruo, Alicia Hammond, Diana J. Arango |

World Bank Group funds projects to rein in pollution at every stage of plastic value chain.

David Malpass |

Debt relief is needed now to stop the pandemic denying more children a basic education, with girls most at risk.

David Malpass |

Public infrastructure has a significant role in helping countries achieve development goals. However, corruption in this sector has a particularly negative impact for developing countries.

Ian Hawkesworth |

To illustrate how the global dashboard and subnational data from the Google Trends website can be used by policy planners, we conducted an in-depth case study of Google Trends and COVID-19 at the…

Nausheen Khan, Manuel Ramos-Maqueda, Robert Marty, Arndt Reichert, Bibind Vasu |

Homicides in São Paulo City significantly affect employees’ labor earnings.

Development Impact Guest Blogger |

Localities that were exposed to bank privatizations experienced a large, disproportional contraction in economic and financial outcomes. Therefore, the reform benefitted the central government’s…

Lucas Argentieri |

Facing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, governments around the world have set up various coordination mechanisms at the center of government (COG) to facilitate pandemic response.

Jana Kunicova, Jim Brumby |

Young women in Latin America and the Caribbean may be deprived of ‘hope’ due to poverty, lack of opportunities and gender norms that restrict their options.

Miriam Muller |