I gave one of the keynotes (based on joint work with Markus Goldstein) at the recent ICASA 2008 in Dakar, Senegal on the title of this post. The fight against AIDS involves allocating scarce…

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As virtual worlds gain increasing popularity, what should policy makers do with them (beyond, of course, visiting the Doing Business island)?

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At a recent AERC research workshop in Nairobi, I made a comment about African governments’ not spending enough money on public goods, and spending too much on private goods such as fertilizers. …

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In the last decade, conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs are probably the key social policy innovation around the world and in the East Asia and Pacific region. The targeted programs offer…

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Image credit: frankenstein at Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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Financial wizardry has gotten a bad name lately - some in the U.S. have even called for a Financial Product Safety Commission. Innovation in financial products clearly has its uses, though.

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The forum works through eight working groups that meet regularly to discuss issues such as tax and law, export, and tourism.

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As the Global Environmental Management Initiative releases its Guide to Successful Corporate-NGO Partnerships, the Economist recently reminded us that in a Development 2.0 world, the balance of…

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It’s now that time for me when you have to sit down and write goodbye and thank you emails, throw away all those trees you’ve cut over the years (that would be paper), wrap up work, pack up your…

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The Economist reports this week on new research on the relationship between Health and Wealth. The long and the short of it is that improvements in health don't necessarily lead to higher…

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