In June 2019, the World Bank Global Economic Prospect emphasized that unsustainable accumulation of public debt has become gradually troublesome in the past years, with incentives often working…

Francisco G. Carneiro, Wilfried A. Kouame |

Economic activity in South Asia decelerated sharply in 2019 amid financial sector issues in India, monetary tightening in Pakistan, and global headwinds to regional exports. Five charts illustrate…

Temel Taskin |

Since 2010, debt in emerging market and developing economies has grown to record highs.

Peter Nagle |

Growth in Europe and Central Asia is expected to firm to 2.6 percent in 2020, after decelerating to a three-year low of 2 percent in 2019, which reflected substantial weakness in trade and…

Collette Wheeler |

Productivity growth is the primary source of lasting income growth, which in turn is the main driver of poverty reduction.

Alistair Dieppe, Gene Kindberg-Hanlon |

After numerous domestic and external constraints held growth back in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2019, the regional economy is projected to firm to 1.8 in 2020 as conditions in the largest…

Dana Vorisek |

Global growth decelerated markedly last year—a post-crisis low—with key indicators, such as industrial production and trade, declining in parallel.

Carlos Arteta, Patrick Kirby |

A new online platform allows users to assess water demand from various sectors, harness it from every possible source, and plan its use judiciously across India.

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To prosper, emerging markets and developing economies need to increase openness, liberalize markets and prices, strengthen laws and regulations that protect property, and allow competition,…

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