Agricultural production and distribution systems are under serious strain—with logistics and marketing disruptions caused by widespread sanitary restrictions, social distancing measures, and labor…

Panos Varangis, Juan Buchenau, Diego Arias, Toshiaki Ono |

The pre-existing inequalities are likely to be exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, making it more difficult for the most vulnerable populations to access critical services - including healthcare…

Linda Van Gelder |

Sustained investment in digital services can be crucial for preparedness and resilience to shocks like a pandemic.

Silvana Kostenbaum, Cem Dener |

Impact on Indian bus operators and discuss how they can be helped both during the lockdown and after.

Gerald Ollivier, Nupur Gupta |

Even though such disruption in the education process has not been easy for students, parents, and teachers in Croatia, country’s education system has been very well placed to deal with this…

Diego Ambasz, Lucia Brajkovic |

The World Bank, in collaboration with the government of Colombia, is developing a prototype dashboard that helps policy makers on a near real-time basis monitor the interplay of virus spread,…

Jeremy Veillard, Adalsteinn Brown, Santiago De la Cadena Becerra |

Medical oxygen is a key treatment for severe pneumonia, malaria, sepsis and meningitis. Yet it is seldom available to the children and mothers whose lives are at risk. Where it is available, it is…

Kevin Watkins |

The Education (Negative) Twin Shocks, and the opportunity they bring

Jaime Saavedra |

This week was significant for the World Bank Group, and I would like to quickly highlight some key developments from the past few days.

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