As we strive to end poverty and maintain a livable planet, redirecting private financial flows is as critical as enhanced government action.

Fiona Stewart |

New energy-saving technologies offer South Asian countries an opportunity to modernize their economies, and will be an integral part of their energy transition.

Siddharth Sharma |

A new knowledge brief - “A comparison of different sources of purchasing power parity (PPPs) estimates” - reviews five sources of purchasing power parity (PPP) estimates and explores how they…

Marko Rissanen, Robert Inklaar |

Output growth in South Asia is projected to remain stronger than in other regions, but is nonetheless not strong enough for most countries to reach high-income thresholds within a generation.

Patrick Kirby |

South Asia is making progress, but at a slower pace than in the pre-pandemic years and still has a long way to go, according to the World Bank's latest economic outlook.

Martin Raiser |

Economic policies over past years and decades have had negative impacts on living standards, the private sector and the environment, driving a deep crisis that is hitting ordinary Pakistanis…

Tobias Haque |

A groundbreaking new report, completed with support of the World Bank, provides the Dominican Republic’s first-ever regional accounts aligned with international standards for the System of…

Jose Pablo Valdes Martinez, Shwetha Grace Eapen |

A recent World Bank note sheds light on property ownership and taxation patterns in São Paulo, Brazil, and provides valuable evidence of the persistent disparities that women face in owning…

Thiago Scot, Tatiana Flores, Davi Moura, Javier Feinmann, Roberto Hsu Rocha |

In the Palestinian territories, fiscal subsidy reforms can help free up resources and improve economic and social conditions for a bigger part of the population.

Arden Finn, Gianluca Mele, Nur Nasser Eddin |

Much has been written about the looming debt crisis in low- and middle-income countries. A series of global shocks and a worsening climate crisis have created an unprecedented challenge for many…

Parul Agarwal, Albert Pijuan Sala, Fiseha Haile Gebregziabher |