This week's links include a virtual seminar series, a review piece on historic roots of development, a new funding call from SIEF, and more...

David McKenzie |

We must ensure that trade flows freely in good times and bad.

Aaditya Mattoo, Michele Ruta |

When facing economic slowdowns like now, it is vital to put more liquidity in the private sector. We suggest to pay for completed procurement work as fast as you can, and front-load payments on…

Erica Bosio, Simeon Djankov, Rita Ramalho |

Understanding learning outcomes: Empowering Indonesian parents to participate in children’s education.

Sharon Kanthy Lumbanraja, Indah Ayu Prameswari, Dewi Susanti |

In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools in more than 160 countries, leaving more than 1.5 billion children – and 75% of enrolled students – out of school. This has sent…

Alaka Holla, Cristobal Cobo |

One of the more unusual places I’ve visited through my work is a veterinary and livestock training farm in the Ganja region in western Azerbaijan. As a devoted animal lover, I relished the…

Tako Kobakhidze |

A summary of the important steps the World Bank Group has taken in response to COVID-19.

David Malpass |

The World Bank’s Social Development Global Practice is working on initiatives utilizing technology to empower citizens.

Gernot Brodnig, Elaine Chee, Ashutosh Raina, Zoë True, Aly Rahim |

This week’s Focus Friday highlights important developments in the global community’s efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 and the World Bank Group’s support to help countries.

Priyanka Ripley |

Impact evaluations in the time of Covid-19, Part 1

Markus Goldstein, Florence Kondylis |