Southeast Asia faces plastic pollution due to urbanization, a growing middle class, and inadequate waste management. ASEAN countries collect less than half of waste generated, with less than a…

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The Honduras Climate and Development Report outlines opportunities for improvement in areas such as natural resource management, implementation of agricultural practices to reduce deforestation,…

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Natural capital - nature’s bounty - is the wealth of the poor. Its degradation and loss are their burden to carry. Degradation of nature could cause the poorest countries to lose 10% of their GDP…

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A vibrant Blue Economy promotes sustainable and integrated use of coastal and marine living natural resources for economic growth and improved livelihoods and jobs, all while maintaining the…

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South Asians are coming together to beat plastics pollution and we can do more! So, this Valentine’s Day, let’s toss aside some plastic to show our love for our land, rivers and oceans.

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From plastic pollution to remittance flows, climate change to digital technology, human capital to road safety, we look back at the past year and highlight some of the most popular blogs from 2021…

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The pandemic-induced lifestyle changes will exacerbate the already acute plastics waste challenges in South Asia unless urgent action is taken.

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Discover how oceans and the Blue Economy can help countries reach their climate goals.

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On World Environment Day, let’s continue to move forward in fresh, new ways with the help of our partners and our passionate youth to tackle plastic pollution.

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Southeast Asia is a hot spot for plastic pollution because of rapid urbanization and a rising middle class, whose consumption of plastic products and packaging is growing due to their convenience…

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