COVID-19 is threatening the gains being made in girls’ education. Urgent action is needed to ensure that girls and women can realize the returns to their schooling.

Raja Bentaouet Kattan, Claudio E. Montenegro, Harry A. Patrinos |

Has COVID-19 ushered in a new era for how Pakistan delivers education? Evidence points to the fact that the EdTech sector has become a crucial education player.

Neelam Ejaz, Neha Ravail Khaliq, Yahya Bajwa |

How did Bangladesh achieve a successful demographic transition by decreasing the total fertility rate – and what important lessons can its experience hold for other countries?

Trina Haque, Rifat Hasan, Hellen Wagura |

Each day, an estimated 137 women around the world are killed by a family member, and 52 of those killings take place in Africa. This is against a backdrop of 1 in 3 women worldwide experiencing…

Ousmane Diagana |

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a spike in child marriages globally.

Nelsy Affoum, Isabel Santagostino Recavarren |

As we approach International Day of the Girl on October 11th, we reflect not only on how harmful cultural practices prevent adolescent girls from continuing their education, but also on how this…

Sarah Baird, Sarah Bunker, Shwetlena Sabarwal, Jennifer Seager |

Niger has one of the lowest literacy rates in Sub-Saharan Africa, with young people representing a substantial portion of the population, and a lifestyle firmly rooted in a mix of cultural and…

Adamou Boubacar Amadou |

The human capital situation in Sierra Leone is challenging and this has been further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic

Emelyne Calimoutou |

Chad has abundant human resources for its development, as its population is largely very young. Women outnumber men in Chad. However, it must be acknowledged that they face major problems, in…

Louange Madjiyam |

Many young people in my country, especially girls, have promising futures stolen from them by child marriage. This phenomenon has the capacity to delay and distort the victim’s psychological and…

Lizidória Mendes |