At the border between India and Bangladesh, a new digital platform is helping authorities process trucks faster and make trade more efficient—an important and encouraging first step toward…

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More women are graduating from higher-level programs than ever before in Tunisia, and an impressive percentage of these women now focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In our…

Mouna Hamden, Mihasonirina Andrianaivo, Insaf Fradi |

Providing universal connectivity can be an important part of our toolkit to help us reduce emissions around the planet.

Edward Oughton, Niccolò Comini |

A new World Bank study provides an overview of selected technologies identified as “disruptive” that could be useful to public procurement.

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Learn how AI can help advance accountability for harmful language as well as evidence-based prevention.

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Foundational GovTech solutions as well as disruptive technologies can play a huge role in improving budget execution in a post-COVID19 world. Here are four such GovTech solutions.

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By putting people at the center, Lesotho’s Department of National ID and Civil Registry (NICR) in the Ministry of Home Affairs is laying a solid foundation for a simpler, more efficient government…

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A recently launched GovTech report highlights ten key lessons from twenty-five years of implementing GovTech and digital government projects to prevent social engineering ploys.

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New book from the World Bank illustrates how varied the pathways used to reduce corruption are and also highlights many common features among them.

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