A recently launched GovTech report highlights ten key lessons from twenty-five years of implementing GovTech and digital government projects to prevent social engineering ploys.

Kimberly Johns |

New book from the World Bank illustrates how varied the pathways used to reduce corruption are and also highlights many common features among them.

Joel Turkewitz |

Corruption continues to be a serious impediment to progress and fairness in many countries but there are things that can be done about it and, yes, in many countries, this is making a difference.…

Jim Anderson |

The World Bank is supporting countries in modernizing their public financial management (PFM) and implementing financial management information systems (FMIS).

Ed Olowo-Okere |

On March 28, the Republic of Congo's government took some radical measures to limit the spread of the new COVID-19 (coronavirus), including the closure of primary, secondary, tertiary, and…

Amour-Freddy Bilombo Bazedimba |

As governments look to use data to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying infodemic, here are four key criteria they should look at for effective data usage.

Kai Kaiser, Tiago Carneiro Peixoto |

Although fully 96 percent of households and 83 percent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have internet connectivity in Armenia, some surprising gaps remain in how people use this access.

Siddhartha Raja, Gohar Malumyan |

During this time of unprecedented social distancing and mobility restrictions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable internet connectivity is as important as electricity, gas, or water because…

Siddhartha Raja, Gohar Malumyan |